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May 2024

Keeping your Knowledge Repository Current and Driving Adoption

May 30, 2024   |  By KMI Top Blogger, Ekta Sachania

A knowledge repository, also known as a library, is the foundation of any knowledge management framework. It can take various forms such as Communities of Practice (CoPs), Centers of Excellence (CoEs), knowledge exchange platforms, sales/pre-sales repositories, and more, depending on the organization and service line.

AI and KM; What's Ahead with New Technologies and KM Systems

May 28, 2024   |  By KMI Guest Blogger Autumn Morales

Information processing has changed significantly on our part due to breakthroughs in artificial intelligence concepts. It's projected that AI will add $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030.

Beyond Metrics and ROI: Determining the Success of the Knowledge Management Practice

May 21, 2024   |  By Top KMI Guest Blogger, Ekta Sachania

I have extensively discussed through my blogs various facets of knowledge management and its impact on the different service lines and functions within an organization. Knowledge management not only operates at a foundational level to transform organizational culture into one that is more collaborative and innovative, but it also plays a pivotal role in driving the success of employees and the organization as a whole.

The Evolution of Knowledge Managers from Knowledge Custodians to Innovation Drivers

May 17, 2024   |  By KMI Guest Blogger Ekta Sachania

Knowledge managers are no longer just custodian of the organizational knowledge base, but they play a bigger and wider role in defining the Innovation quotient of the organanization. Let’s see how:

Advancing Green Solutions: How Knowledge Graphs Can Contribute to Sustainable Infrastructure

May 06, 2024   |  By KMI Guest Blogger Amanda Winstead

As the threat of climate change continues, the call for sustainable infrastructure to integrate more quickly beckons. Innovative solutions are essential yet complex. Activists, architects, and engineers need to garner buy-in from governments and other funding organizations to enact eco-friendly infrastructure plans.

Unleash the Innovation as a Knowledge Manager (Part 2)

May 03, 2024   |  By KMI Guest Blogger Ekta Sachania

We need to be asked the right questions to realize our knowledge and insights on the topic. It’s true for tacit knowledge. It might remain passively in our minds unless we are given the right questions, opportunities, and tools to express it. 

How to Unleash Innovation as a Knowledge Manager

May 02, 2024   |  By KMI Guest Blogger Ekta Sachania

Whether you are a novice or a seasoned knowledge manager, you are likely familiar with the challenges of content harvesting. Breaking through the mental barriers of employees who are accustomed to a certain way of working can be a daunting task when trying to encourage them to willingly share their knowledge and content.

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