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Top 5 Knowledge Management Practices to Maximize ROI

Feb 04, 2013  

An organization moving forward in implementing knowledge management tools and practices will soon begin to wonder about the return on investment (ROI) for their knowledge management efforts.  Are the outcomes of the program a worthwhile commitment of resources?

Managing What You Know Can Make all the Difference

Jan 15, 2013  

Each day, organizations pass information along through a series of networks in order to accomplish their objectives. These organizations also obtain new information about their success in obtaining these objectives, and retain information about what may or may not have worked in the past. As each day goes by, more and more information is accumulated as the organization continues to retain information vital to their success. This knowledge within an organization can make the difference between ultimate success or failure.

Knowledge Retention from Day One

Dec 18, 2012  

As a new employee is hired, another employee very frequently is on their way out. This cycle is playing out faster and faster as the baby boomers age and retire at an astounding rate. The need to employ knowledge management (KM) strategies, especially a knowledge retention strategy, is more and more pressing for two very important reasons:

What is Knowledge Management and Why Should You Care

Nov 15, 2012  

Knowledge is much more than just information. As far as information goes, we've got a lot of it.  In fact, we have access to more information than any other time in our history, and exponentially so.  But what to do with it all, how to manage and use it, is the key to personal and organizational success. 

Knowledge vs. Information

The Knowledge Age Is Here; And They’re Hiring.

Nov 06, 2012  

Many of us, including KM professionals and their global providers such as KM Institute, have seen this coming, and have considered it already here for some time. Still more and more organizations are creating and hiring knowledge managers and entire new departments. The job site currently lists more than 600,000 jobs related to knowledge management.

Client Story: KM Certification to Meet Contractual Requirements and Beyond

Oct 16, 2012  

We are often asked why a company would require KM certification of its employees or contractors. Sure, knowledge management is important but why certification?  We recently surveyed Tully Tupper, COO of InteliTrac, Inc. and Sara Scott, Human Resources and Recruiting Manager of InteliTrac on the topic of InteliTrac’s use of KM certification.

What to Look for in a Knowledge Management Training Provider

Sep 18, 2012  

As the 'knowledge age' continues to evolve, managers and CEOs are realizing that the true wealth of their organization lies in the knowledge of their people.  And pooling their knowledge together is really pooling their most valuable resources together, empowering the success and profitability of an entire enterprise.

The "Wealth" of Knowledge

The Case for Knowledge Management Certification

Sep 04, 2012  

Knowledge Management (KM) is truly taking hold as an organizational necessity.  As the sea change drifts from the Information Age to the Knowledge Age, the importance and potential power of harnessing the experience and wisdom of all the individuals is a matter of survival for many organizations.


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