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Taking an Agile Approach to Adoption

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Taking an Agile Approach to Adoption

Oct 25, 2017   |  By
Mary Little | Enterprise Knowledge LLC

Ensuring the adoption of new knowledge management programs, systems, and tools requires thorough planning well in advance of actually launching a new initiative. It also takes an agile approach to designing your solution so that you can adapt what you deliver based on what your employees truly need to help them get their job done.

In this presentation, you’ll learn how to develop, refine, and execute the following critical plans, which will ultimately maximize employee engagement with the “new way of doing things.”

  • Charter and Project Plan
  • User and Stakeholder Analysis Plan
  • Communications and Change Management Plan
  • Training Plan

Based on her experience managing a successful initiative to design and implement a content management tool for the communications department of a large manufacturing organization, Mary Little will share step-by-step guidelines for improving the adoption of your knowledge management solutions.

Mary gave this presentation to the October 16-20 CKM Class in Tysons, VA.

Please click here to view her full video presentation...

About the Author:  Mary Little is an accomplished project manager, business analyst, and management consultant. She ardently believes in the value of strong leadership, effective communication, and maximized talent potential as means to organizational change and success.

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