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Where AI Proves Irrelevant, Knowledge Management is the Optimal Solution

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Where AI Proves Irrelevant, Knowledge Management is the Optimal Solution

Jul 23, 2019   |  By
Moria Levy | CEO ROM Knowledgeware ltd.

Everyone's excited to discuss Artificial Intelligence, and even more excited when Deep Learning is brought up. Surely, this is a revolutionary concept. That said, it has surely somewhat dizzied us.

Some seem to think that in the future professions will change and workers will become redundant. Some refer to production workers, others add accountants and other to the list. They are probably right.

Some say that machines will perform many actions previously performed by humans. Driving, for example. They are probably right.

Some say that in a world of AI and Deep learning, Knowledge Management is no longer needed.

They are certainly wrong.

There are many fields for which Deep Learning cannot provide solutions. I believe that these fields' nature is essentially different. Some say that human beings are irreplaceable with regard to human emotion, yet this insight less helps us in taking business decisions in organizations.

I wish to focus on an aspect that is a "black hole" for AI and Deep Learning technologies, the world of small numbers.

The power of Artificial Intelligence is based on deep learning, endless data results analysis, while utilizing neuron network algorithms to learn from the data and information found. The near future will probably feature Deep Learning-oriented machines making decisions better than us. Far better.

However, our business, organizational and personal world involves many decisions that are based on small samples and few stats. Deep learning is less relevant to these areas.

Furthermore, human decisions are not better. As Tversky and Kahneman have taught us in their Nobel Prize winning research, humans systematically tend to make wrong decisions, especially in small scale. Once, when wrongly assuming that behavior in small scale situations is similar to statistic operation typical of large scale. And secondly, when we make mistakes typical of any scale, for example, when we think of a certain solution then suddenly notice that everyone is apparently implementing this solution.

This is where Knowledge Management can come in hand. Knowledge Management reflects the knowledge accumulated through experience and can present us with what has been previously learned. Knowledge Management can serve as a rational anchor by either setting us an insight database, sharing the products of our analyses and activities, or by holding an expert/colleague forum. This anchor can not only shorten processes but also optimize decision making. In areas in which both human intellect and AI cannot be of assistance, Knowledge Management is the natural solution.

Like with the three monkeys we can end with not hearing, not seeing and not talking. But, When AI, human intuitions and Knowledge Management are coupled wisely, these 3 combined factors lead to an optimal solution in almost all situations.

About the Author:   Moria Levy is the CEO of ROM Knowledgeware ltd. , leading the Knowledge Management discipline in Israel: Business, methodologies, research,public awareness.  She is also the Chairman ISO- KM experts committee - Knowledge management standard 30401.

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