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Client Story: KM Certification to Meet Contractual Requirements and Beyond

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Client Story: KM Certification to Meet Contractual Requirements and Beyond

Oct 16, 2012  

We are often asked why a company would require KM certification of its employees or contractors. Sure, knowledge management is important but why certification?  We recently surveyed Tully Tupper, COO of InteliTrac, Inc. and Sara Scott, Human Resources and Recruiting Manager of InteliTrac on the topic of InteliTrac’s use of KM certification.

InteliTrac, Inc. is a 13-year-old privately held government defense contracting company that specializes in software/database development and personnel solutions worldwide. Their distinctive solutions respond to the challenges that all organizations face to improve their performance while reducing operating costs.

Contractual Requirements Around KM Certification

In part, KM certification is a contractually-driven decision for InteliTrac. The company is currently recruiting qualified individuals for various governmental contracts including the US Army where Knowledge Management has become a growing and embedded discipline.  According to InteliTrac representatives, in some cases, a certification in KM is a requirement of the government contract and in others, it is desirable.  In either case SMEs in KM are increasingly specifically identified in contract SOWs. 

People, Processes and Technology Drive the Need for Knowledge Management

According to InteliTrac, the success of its business is based upon many things but the most important is its ability to analyze problem situations and then provide automated technology applications to provide solutions for our customers.  “This deliverable involves People, Processes, and Technology and the perpetual conquest of continuous improvement,” remarks Tully Tupper, Chief Operating Officer, InteliTrac Inc.

InteliTrac also concentrates heavily on information and associated knowledge sharing. 

The Impact of KM Certification on Employee Performance
InteliTrac states that, “like any knowledge or skill certification, the first impact is on fulfilling a stated requirement for either the specific credential or the provision of some evidence that the applicant has the required training/skill for a job.  Once on the job, application of the knowledge should convert to heightened performance.”

KM certification can both meet contractual requirements and deliver higher personal performance in the workplace.

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