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What Have Our Students Been Up To? 

KMI Graduates are busy writing blogs, getting promoted, speaking at KM events, and more.  Here are a few we recently caught up with...

Grad Chris Holm Wins Award; Posts New Video and Blogs

Since attending the Certified Knowledge Manager course, I’ve been leading Knowledge Management for the Customer Success organization at Ellucian.  In 2017, Ellucian Customer Success won the coveted TSIA STAR award for Best Practices in Support Services, a major part of which the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) states was due to, “Ellucian presented its approach to knowledge management with an extreme focus on culture, which exceeded expectations for a best practice submission. The company’s story is a great example of how applying industry best practices can have a major impact on the business and their customers.”

This year, in addition to ‘Best Practices in Support Services’, we have also submitted a nomination for ‘Innovation in Knowledge Management’.  Additionally, I will also be a speaker at the TSW conference this October on Knowledge Management and have written several articles, including a video on KM:

Knowledge Management: Lessons Learned from the Fourth Industrial Revolution
Knowledge Management: Lessons Learned from the Age of Enlightenment

Grad Onkar Chandel was Guest Speaker in CKM Class

May 14-18 CKM Class in Tysons Corner, VA (Washington DC area)

Onkar Chandel is a Global Knowledge Management Lead at Red Hat. He started Red Hat Service's KM program in Sept 2012 and led it to deliver twenty global KM initiatives. He defined an Open Source KM Strategy that helped Red Hat make bigger KM impacts with minimum resources, and win Global KM Awards for Best KM Strategy in 2017. He is a KMI graduate and holds the CKM certification.

In this session, Onkar shared his KM program journey and provided insight on: KM programs for a diverse and global organization, applied CKM learnings, KM challenges and solutions, KM initiatives, and an open source KM strategy.

Onkar's presentation was video-taped and loaded to KMI's Knowledge Hub, for our global Grad Community.

Grad Sara Bryant Facilitated for DoD KM Summit

​KMI Grad Sara Bryant led a knowledge café discussion on “Standing up a KM” at 
the DISA’s DoD and Federal KM Symposium next month. The knowledge café, titled Connecting people, processes, and technology”, was on Thursday, May 17th at the Baltimore Convention Center. 

A Supervisory Emergency Management Specialist and lead for KM at the Department of Commerce’s First Responder Network Authority, Sara received KMI’s Certified Knowledge Manager designation in December, 2017. 

For more information on the DISA-hosted conference, go to: 

Grad Megan Chenoweth Earns Promotion

In January, Megan took a job as KM lead for the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond through DXC Technology. According to Megan, "It's been quite an experience setting the direction for KM for them."

Megan adds, "My KM Institute certification was definitely an appealing point to them and I think it helped me get the job. My CKM training has come in handy too."

Congrats Megan!

Megan earned her CKM Certification in September, 2016.

Grad Cory Cannon Spoke at Recent KMWorld Conference

Cory Cannon presented at KMWorld 2017 in Washington D.C. - the largest KM Conference for Government (US and Foreign). The topic was: "KM in a Combined/Joint Environment" and how the DoD/Joint Knowledge Management is looking at KM within the military construct.

Cory is a retired military leader (Major, US Army), and now Owner of Cannon Enterprises, LLC; he earned his CKM Certification in 2013.

KMI is a proud sponsor of KMWorld.  For details, click here...

Grad Jay Bowling Gets Promoted; Speaker at Recent KMWorld

Jay Bowling has been busy... he was recently promoted to "Senior Digital Product Manager" at USAA headquarters in San Antonio, TX, where he is responsible for developing and investing in the right KM technologies to support the knowledge needs of the business across the enterprise.  

Jay also spoke at last year's KMWorld Conference & Expo, Nov 7-9, in Washington DC.  
Good for you Jay!  Summary: 

Scaling Knowledge Architecture at USAA

Taxonomy development does not scale: companies rarely invest in the human resources needed to build and maintain taxonomies. In 2015, the new Enterprise Knowledge Management team at USAA was tasked with improving the quality of the enterprise knowledge base. A temporary solution for lack of resources was developed for the pilot, using SMEs with business units as part time taxonomists. We were so impressed with the results that we expanded the “temporary” solution to our enterprise strategy. Hear how USAA established a new role within the business units to help in optimizing knowledge findability and the taxonomy development process.

Jay earned his CKM Certification in December, 2015.

Grad Allison Ehrman Promoted after Earning her CKM

As a Certified Knowledge Manager, Allison Ehrman is the head of the Knowledge Management (KM) program at Polaris Alpha which is tasked with developing processes and systems for sharing knowledge and expertise across the 1,200+ employee enterprise. Ehrman architected and oversees a curated knowledge management portal and is now establishing the full KM program to facilitate both the person-to-person transfer of tacit knowledge and the sharing of knowledge artifacts.  Congrats Allison!

Allison earned her CKM Certification in May, 2017.  

Article Posted by CKM Grad Chris Holm: Knowledge Management - Lessons Learned from Pioneer 10

Chris Holm recently wrote an interesting article connecting KM lessons learned with the Pioneer 10 mission, launched 45 years ago this year.

Click here for the article...

Chris will also send us details on a recent job-related success: an application was submitted to TSIA for the KM work his company did for the agency.  He also presented on KM recently to their entire Customer Success Dept, with the CEO in attendance.  Chris works for Ellucian, a leading provider of higher education software and services, based in the Washington DC area.

Chris took the CKM Program in Washington DC, March, 2017.

New Book Authored by CKM Grad, Brent Hunter

The Power of KM: Harnessing the Extraordinary Value of KM 

The Power of KM provides a clear and concise introduction to Knowledge Management (KM). Brent Hunter explains the basics of KM and provides a step-by-step, comprehensive, integrated, holistic and universal KM strategy that can be utilized in any organization. Hunter continues by explaining how KM can be used to enrich and optimize our personal lives and at all levels of society.

By the time you finish this book, you will learn that knowledge is power and that KM is extraordinarily valuable--and even has ability to change the world.

Brent Hunter took the eCKM (Online version of CKM) a few years ago and remains on KMI's list for Guest Presenters in future CKM classes.  In the Acknowledgements, Brent writes: "Special thanks and appreciation go to the KM Institute for the education and inspiration I received."

Brent's book is featured at here...

CKM Grad Danielle Spudich Spoke at APQC Conference, April, 2017

Presentation: Re-imagine - Looking Beyond a Place to Store Content

The definition of "re-imagine" is to imagine again or anew—to recreate. The way people learn and digest information is completely different than it was a few years ago. Gone are the days of providing flat, text-dense PDFs or Word documents where users have to scroll through hundreds or thousands of words to find the one piece of information they need. Their users are now consuming knowledge in more modern ways.

Danielle's presentation looked beyond finding the information you need at the time of need it to scrutinize if the information is easily consumed. Four years ago, Liberty Mutual started to consolidate all its reference material into a central location. After a couple of years, it became abundantly clear that the organization was on the right path but far from getting the information to their users at the right time and in the way they are used to consuming it. This session shared Liberty Mutual’s journey to deliver information exactly when—and how—users need it.

Danielle is a lead KM Analyst for Liberty Mutual and took the CKM class in 2016.

Click here for conference re-cap...

CKM Grad Angus Fedoruk Successfully Applies CKM Learnings
to New Job Project

I completed the CKM course in February of 2016, and I was employed in a 'Lessons Learned' role, part of the larger Knowledge Management domain.

In summer 2016 I participated in the Exercise Rim of the Pacific - EX RIMPAC, working on the staff of the Coalition Commander, Vice-Admiral Nora Tyson. This exercise is conducted every two years, and in 2016 twenty-six nations, 45 surface ships, five submarines, more than 200 aircraft and 25,000 personnel participated. I led a multinational Lessons Learned team, five Officers from Australia, Canada, and Colombia. Drawing from past experience and the principles of the CKM course, we worked to provide the RIMPAC participants with an effective Lessons Learned process. The work did not stop at the end of the exercise in August 2016, reviewing and implementing change recommendations continues and will continue as the exercise prepares for summer 2018.

After the exercise, I wrote an article for SEAWAYS, the magazine of the Nautical Institute.  

This article first appeared in Seaways, the magazine of the Nautical Institute, October 2016.

More Grad activities added here soon!


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