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Meet Rooven Pakkiri

Social KM, Collaboration and Community Management

​Rooven is a Social Business Consultant and Digital Evangelist. A veteran of the era; he is particularly interested in the points where Society, Technology and Business intersect and the paradigm shifts that occur whenever this happens.


In terms of his consultancy style and approach, Rooven likes to describe himself as a digital version of a ‘Saville Row’ tailor. He is completely client focused in his approach and technology agnostic. Taking time to painstakingly create highly customised bespoke user experiences, road maps and adoption strategies is where he sees his value.

All of his work is done in close and constant contact with his clients often over several months. Before engaging with a client Rooven will take up to 2 weeks (at his own cost) to research a client’s business and the space they operate in and to think deeply about how collaboration can impact their business. He then plays back his thoughts and findings to the client and from there a partnership is forged and they journey together to build the company collaboration culture and strategy for adoption. At all times the focus is on the agreed client’s specific business goals and NOT on vendor technology. 


Rooven is a published author and speaker on the subject of Social Business. Here are some links to his work as a thought leader in this space:

Collaborative Decision Making

Book Review

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The Social Business Imperative -
A Time of Radical Change








Interviewed about Social Business at the annual IBM Software Partner Event, Twickenham, June, 2013.

Co-author interview on Collaborative Decision Making for Publishing House, Gower Books.  Click here for part 2 (of 3) of this interview. May, 2013.

Social Business Roundtable hosted by media agency Ogilvy and Mather.  London, UK, 2011.



Sometimes clients will ask Rooven to come up with innovative ideas for trade shows where they are exhibiting their products and services. Here are some examples of his work and the reviews he has received...

1. Collaboration Diner

Review 1...

Review 2...

Review 3...



2. Future of the Shop Window

Click here
for this video...

Slideshare Slides...





For more insights from Rooven please check him out on twitter @roovenp.

To contact Rooven, please email: or give us a call at (US) 703-327-7096.



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