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Tactics to Manage Fluid Knowledge

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Tactics to Manage Fluid Knowledge

Jul 17, 2013  

In our previous post, we discussed the challenge facing the KM team as the nature of knowledge becomes more fluid.  Organizations must use the tools available to their advantage.  Have you considered these tactics?

  • Have team members utilize smartphones to promote knowledge transfer.  
  • Design applications that allow employees to easily access information, or connect to experts through a simple search
  • Create a feed that works in a similar manner as Twitter, with updates on what is occurring in "real time" within the organization, that can be acted upon quickly
  • Employ a catalog or subject index accessible by smartphone
  • As context becomes more fluid, and as knowledge is more tacit, consider creating a learning environment where those involved can build a massive network of databases comprised of websites, wikis, and thousands of message forums.  This will create a large scale knowledge economy.  Consider ways in which this can create an environment where members are constantly measuring and evaluating their own performance, even if they must build new tools to do so.  By doing this, these communities will be constantly improving.
  • Implement a guild structure, which allows for smaller groups which self-organize.  These groups are then responsible for seeking out, testing, filtering, and distributing information within the organization.  Using available tools, such as "Google Hangouts" can allow members from around the world to converse and learn from one another in a social way, especially as there is an increase in tacit knonwledge.  In this way, they can still learn from one another through storytelling, while constantly refining their knowledge.
  • Create a type of social-bookmarking system, one where users determine the content, and can add descriptions or comments to the content of others.  This type of system would include information retrievable by tag search, with content that is centrally stored, accessible from any browser, and shareable with others.

These are just a few ideas which can be implemented to more successfully manage knowledge in today's fluid environment.  Contact KM Institute for more information or to register for our training programs.

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