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10 Best Knowledge Management Software Tools In 2021

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10 Best Knowledge Management Software Tools In 2021

Aug 17, 2021   |  By
KMI Guest Blogger Sara Williams








In today's contemporary world, Knowledge Management Software works as a boon for any organization.
It provides a different definition to each corner of the performing body. Knowledge is the substructure that exhibits brand new concepts, ideas, and above all up to the minute innovative skills to the working fellas that the organization recruits based on the potentiality of the hired hands. Hence, the knowledge base software accommodates the organization with a method to assemble, oversee, and split the requisite knowledge to the whole organization. Knowledge management software helps companies or organizations to provide better product and service knowledge to their employees and customers who genuinely want to learn and solve problems related to the product on their own.

To have a firm stand in this increasingly competitive market, it is very important to keep abreast of the latest trends in software that will yield better productivity for them in the coming days.

Below is the list of the 5 best software that is accumulated from very extravagant websites such as GetApp, Capterra, and G2Crowd based on the honest reviews and ratings of the users. 

List of Best Knowledge Management Software Tools

 1. PeppyBiz: 











It's a platform with dynamic solutions for its users. It exhibits all your marketing scenarios across multiple channels under a single umbrella. It allures more visitors to your site with significant marketing software. Also, generate more traffic and convert your visitors by running all your inbound marketing campaigns with greater potential. Moreover, it introspects more opportunities to target prospects with productive service software. It also organizes the massive customer data all at one single roof without much hassle. 

Features that cater to its users:

  • Quick and easy creation of articles
  • Integrated management of knowledge with a well-structured hierarchy
  • Power search option for users to get their content
  • Understanding the customer needs in every possible way
  • SEO-optimization of content
  • Muti-lingual help content
  • Chatting with articles
  • Content organization and analytics


2. Freshdesk: 



Freshdesk is cloud-based customer support and knowledge management software that offers cross-functional team collaboration that businesses need in delivering exceptional customer service including numerous channel capabilities into one by integrating the platform. Freshdesk unites requests coming in across from all over sources and reprimanding to the customer needs. Works for business organizations be it small or mid-sized and resolves automated ticketing once appeared while customer support.

Attributes provided to the users:

  • Cross-functional team collaboration
  • Multiple integrating channels
  • Customer management and support
  • In-depth reporting

3. Zendesk: 



Zendesk, a knowledge management software that acts as a help desk, centre, live chat solution and provides powerful, and versatile customer service relationships and engagement platforms that meet all types of business requirements. It creates one single platform establishing meaningful and private relationships with customers and supports nearly 40 different languages in over 150 countries.


4. Knowmax: 











An Omni-Channel Customer Engagement and Experience Platform, Knowmax helps brands and labels attain their CX goals proving how important it is to share information. It, therefore, enables the flow of knowledge consistently across the assisted channels that are your contact centre field, retail, and Digital Channels such as websites, chatbots, and mobile apps.


5. ClickHelp: 


ClickHelp is a professional technical writing solution that allows companies to systematize their online documentation, and present it in a branded mobile-friendly portal in the form of online user manuals, knowledge bases, help files, and tutorials. Supporting multiple platforms, it needs no installation. The platform provides both an authoring environment where technical writers and documentation specialists can amalgamate on user guides and a hosting environment where users can publish-ready content. Ready documents can be exported in multiple formats and automatic synchronization is established. 

  • Traits provided to the users:
  • Professional technical-writing solution and integral mobile-friendly portal
  • Online user manuals, tutorials, help files, knowledge bases
  • Authorizing environment to collaborate on user guides and documentation specialists to publish-ready content
  • Create multi-language document site
  • Translation module for convenient translation process with automatic synchronization


6. Zoho Desk: 











Zoho Desk is a knowledge management system that helps agents, managers, and customers in all. It allows agents to become high-yielders, managers more poignant, and customers more satisfying. It is a fully specialized application and is easy to use. It allows businesses to focus on the customers and has the industry’s first context-aware help-desk software. It provides support teams with multiple support channels, and task automation to deliver fast and approachable support.


7. Confluence: 











It's a knowledge management software tool that erects, creates, and balances all the works of marketing, HR, finance, and project management. It is an open and inter-professional shared workspace for the teams of a company to bring in a higher level of potency and competence. Discussion boards, FAQ, a self-service portal, categorization, etc are some of its highlighted features. It allows users to get all the required information on a single platform.


8. Freshservice: 

Freshservice is a cloud-based knowledge management software tool that helps different organizations to focus on extraordinary service delivery and customer satisfaction. It is simple to use and has an easy UI with business functions such as HR, finance, marketing, and facilities. It provides users to connect sudden incidents to common problems, examines the root cause and suggests various workarounds, and keeps all the records safe in one place.


9. Litmos LMS: 










Litmos LMS is a knowledge management software built uniquely for mid-sized businesses and progressive organizations. It is an online training platform that helps in providing and delivering web and mobile training courses. It is fully expandable and has a robust API with distinct connectors.  synthesized learning, various language support, learner portal, synchronized learning, etc. are some of its top features.


10. ProProfs Knowledge Base: 











This simple yet powerful Knowledge management software tool is basically designed to help businesses create documentation, help sites, FAQs, user manuals, user guides, and more. Comprising unmatched features, smart settings, and integrations, the software is excessively helpful for minimizing customer support tickets, directing business knowledge, and simplifying easy access to it.  Click here to visit the ProProfs Knowledge base tool.


After summing up everything, it comes before our eyes that knowledge management is a very vital part of an organization. It does not just help the customers to find their way but also the employees. If you are looking to expand your organization, knowledge management is the way to go with PeppyBiz. It plays a huge role in merchandising with customers and pleasing them. After reading all the above-written features and advantages of each tool, one can easily figure out and can choose the right software undoubtedly. 


Author Bio

Sara Williams is a content writer at PeppyBiz, a platform that helps you store complex structured and unstructured information used by a computer system through knowledge base software.


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