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What's on the Knowledge Management Menu? The KM Services Menu Card...

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What's on the Knowledge Management Menu? The KM Services Menu Card...

Feb 17, 2024   |  By
KMI Guest Blogger Ekta Sachania

Knowledge management extends beyond information management and has a significant impact on the organizational innovation quotient, customer services, and sales and delivery processes. Consequently, it plays a crucial role in determining the overall success of an organization and its ability to thrive in a competitive business landscape.

While no universally applicable knowledge management model can be implemented across all companies, each organization needs to develop and adapt its model based on its specific requirements and goals. However, certain fundamental services are common to all knowledge management models. The below article discusses the basic menu that every KM practice serves...


When you are asked what the KM team does or what it can offer to clients, here is a menu of services that a KM team can provide (non-exhaustive). The overall knowledge management strategy and services are always tailored by the knowledge managers basis the goals, priorities, and needs of the organization. However, the list below provides a quick glance at the scope of knowledge management that goes much beyond bringing knowledge to one place for easy access to the organization. 

Knowledge Management (KM) serves as a powerful catalyst, not only for consolidating knowledge but also for fostering collaboration, innovation, and the acquisition of valuable tools and insights. It empowers individuals to transform knowledge into actionable strategies, ultimately enhancing their professional lives. KM represents a cultural shift that emphasizes the significance of collective knowledge sharing and idea exchange.

Through its services, KM focuses on the profound impact that its adoption can have on growth, employee job satisfaction, service delivery, customer experience, and ultimately, business profitability.

Let’s take a look at some of the key services offered as a part of KM strategy:

Capability Description / Offerings
Knowledge Planning Touchpoint with KM sponsors, SMEs, and leads to understanding their specific goals, requirements, and timelines. Develop Knowledge strategy, plan, roadmap, and project plan to map to the service requirement.
KM Platform Management
and Tracking
KM platform development roadmap. Develop a continuous improvement plan for enhancement. Conduct feedback tracking, metrics, and reporting to measure and track the KM strategy progress.
Content Management Manage content lifecycle (capture, structure, reuse, and improve).  Develop strategies to improve the adoption and awareness. Incorporate feedback mechanisms and track improvement via metrics
and Community Building
Launch collaboration platforms like wikis, discussion forums, and Communities to enable people to collaborate and innovate. Design and spearhead campaigns to facilitate the flow of tacit and explicit knowledge.
Innovation and Cultural Shift Stay updated on both internal and external trends and introduce new practices and initiatives to enable people to perform their jobs faster and better. Create visibility for the skills, and expertise of people from across the organization and provide opportunities for them to collaborate to help solve key business problems and share their experiences with wider teams.



Ekta Sachania has over 15 years of experience in learning and talent development disciplines, including knowledge management content management, and learning & collaboration with expertise in content harvesting, practice enablement, metrics analysis, site management, collaboration activities, communications strategy and market trends analysis. Demonstrated success in managing multiple stakeholder expectations across time zones and exhibiting good project management skills, by successfully developing and deploying projects for large audiences.  Ability to adapt and work in emerging areas with fast-shifting priorities.  Connect with Ekta at LinkedIn...

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