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The Knowledge Age Is Here; And They’re Hiring.

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The Knowledge Age Is Here; And They’re Hiring.

Nov 06, 2012  

Many of us, including KM professionals and their global providers such as KM Institute, have seen this coming, and have considered it already here for some time. Still more and more organizations are creating and hiring knowledge managers and entire new departments. The job site currently lists more than 600,000 jobs related to knowledge management. In wide ranging fields, ranging from law offices to universities, from pharmaceuticals to technology firms, knowledge managers are needed throughout the private and public sectors to manage the vital process of capturing, distributing, and effectively using knowledge.

What a KM Manager Needs

For those with the interest and potential to capitalize on this quickly growing trend, landing a job requires more than an IT background or a 'facilitator-type' personality. In an article by Alan Baren, a frequent KM writer and contributor, he offers that KM managers require a well-rounded skill set and training. These vary by organization but typically include at least a few of the following:

Knowledge Management Experience

Including experience in community collaboration and building, with workflow and change management, this implies an in-depth understanding of KM principles and how they are successfully executed through an overall strategy. Familiarity with best practices and technology solutions can be integral to implementation.

Learning Industry Experience

This involves continuous learning solutions and modalities, with the understanding of when to apply them and how KM integrates with the natural learning process.

Technology Project Management

An integral part of KM, a manager should have experience as a functional liaison between the business and the technology, both managing the shared resources available through the technology as well as executing new technology solutions that improve the business and the knowledge management throughout the organization.

Matrix Management Skills

One should be skilled at consensus-building and at enabling cross-functioning of teams from an internal and external perspective, as well as achieving acceptance from multiple stakeholders.

Industry Subject Matter Expertise

A good KM manager will have familiarity with the core industry, from the competition and the current market, to the individual goals and strategies of the business at hand. The processes and challenges must be fully apprehended in order to be improved by the KM modality.

Get a Leg Up in the KM World

No one has all of these things, of course. What does greatly help all of these skills, as well as your resume, is to be certified as a KM Practitioner or Manager, through one of the great programs available like those at the KM Institute. With E-learning and public classes and seminars available in a variety of levels and intensities, KMI can help make you a sought-after commodity in today’s surging Knowledge Management field. Find out more about are many certified training programs today!

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