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October 2014

The Role of the Information Architect

Oct 23, 2014  


by:  Anthony J. Rhem, PhD., President/Principal Consultant, A.J. Rhem & Associates,
a privately held Information Systems Integration and Training firm located in Chicago, Illinois



Often when I am working with organizations to implement a knowledge management (KM) solution, the role of the business and more specifically the users of the application are discussed.

Employee Engagement: Inspiring Your Workforce with Post-It Notes

Oct 01, 2014  

by Howard Cohen, CKM

Lesson Learned from Mr. Ken Williams

A few years ago, Ken traveled to the middle east to help the US forces gain a foot up on some bad guys. What he did while he was in theater went well beyond helping civilians, soldiers, sailors and marines. 

He very naturally inspired and engaged a workforce from thousands of miles away, with the stroke of a pen and a Post-it note.

How he did it and why it matters:

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