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October 2018

Taking Your KM Program to the Next Level

Oct 31, 2018   |  By Stephanie Barnes | Realisation of Potential

What is KM about?

It depends on who you ask and what their experience is with it. Some people/organisations focus on technology, some on people, some on process, a very few recognise that it needs to be a balance among the three, and for good measure also create a strategy to support their plans and ideas and to ensure alignment with the organisation.

But beyond that, what is knowledge management about? Why do we/our organisations do it? 

Design Thinking for Organization Design

Oct 19, 2018   |  By Kristin McNally | Enterprise Knowledge

KM Institute partner, Enterprise Knowledge, shares more insight on the application of Design Thinking in development of an organizational KM strategy. . . scroll to bottom of page for info on new course on this topic from KMI.

Shipbuilding, Sailing, Community and KM

Oct 03, 2018   |  By Luis Ortiz-Echevarria, MPH

This week two different people said to me: I do not know what you do. Fortunately, these were not coworkers or members of the KM community, but close friends. Answering that I work in “knowledge management” was not enough. By this time, they know this. Both of them had jokingly said at some point in our friendship that “I should manage their knowledge” which I am sure sounded very funny in their minds!

It dawned on me—what is it about KM that is so clear to KM workers but so elusive to others?

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