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Agent Brains are a Goldmine for Knowledge Management

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Agent Brains are a Goldmine for Knowledge Management

Mar 17, 2023   |  By
KMI Guest Blogger Gary Wyatt

After finishing one of my previous blogs on user engagement with customer facing staff, I couldn't help but reflect on how brilliant the brain of a call centre agent is. When a call comes into a contact centre and is received by a top-performing call centre agent, amazing things happen in the agent's brain.

The Real AI (Agent Intelligence) 

Before the customer comes through on the phone, agents analyse what the customer might need based on the context of what is shown on the screen. As the customer starts talking, the agent deciphers which systems to use and knows how to answer the customer's question best without navigating the knowledge base. They get to the answer far better than any AI system would (at this moment, March 2023), and the customer is delighted.

Even when they don't have the answer, they know exactly where to look and what to do to get the information they need.

They end the call, and 10 seconds later, they do it again and again for 50+ calls in a day.

How does the agent do this? I'm full of admiration for customer-facing frontline staff.

Why should KM Professionals care?

"I've created content with the legal and compliance teams and agents just need to follow it. I know best!!" No No No hypothetical KM professional, that won't do.

I've always been a firm believer that KM professionals should be engaging with the frontline staff constantly. In customer service, agents are the ultimate "Customer" of Knowledge Management, and as such, Knowledge professionals should be asking how they can continuously offer more value from a KM perspective.

Agents' brains contain brilliant information; if KM professionals can utilise it correctly, everyone benefits.

  • The gap between the worst and best-performing agents will reduce.
  • Agents are happy to get the proper knowledge at the speed of conversation.
  • New starters are not overwhelmed by jargon and can be more productive sooner.
  • Tenured agents feel valued and offer more to the business than just answering calls.
  • Customers get excellent service more consistently.
  • Leadership teams achieve their intended benefits. 
  • Knowledge Professionals get direct access to users' brains, so they don't need to guess what will work.
  • Agent feedback could benefit customers across all customer channels.

What are the practical ways of doing this? 

Well, this is documented one of my previous blogs 17 Ways to Engage Customer-Facing Staff in Knowledge Management. But to summarise:-

  • Involve users when kicking off a KM initiative
  • Pilot with users
  • Let them name the new tool
  • Launch party with users
  • Give out branded items to celebrate.
  • Get users to help write content.
  • Involve Rogue agents.
  • Use secondments.
  • Observe frontline staff in action.
  • KM staff could take calls or chats.
  • Ensure a robust feedback process.
  • Set KM sharing objectives.
  • Make Knowledge Management fun.
  • Regular Roundtable sessions with users.
  • Create a community of frontline users for KM.
  • Knowledge Champions.
  • Locate KM workers with the frontline.

Agents are brilliant and when Knowledge Management professionals show agents they are valued, great things happen!


Gary Wyatt is an award-winning knowledge management professional with over 22 years of experience across multiple roles, countries, languages, and industries. Gary has a proven track record of helping businesses achieve greater effectiveness and efficiency through the application of knowledge management tools, principles, and techniques across multiple channels. Gary is committed to helping organisations to deliver tangible, measurable results and believes that by effectively managing and leveraging knowledge, businesses can unlock huge potential and achieve their goals.  

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