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Creativity for Knowledge Management Programs

Dec 10, 2019   |  By
KMI Staff

We're sharing with you here a series of short discussions captured on video between Stephanie Barnes and John Girard about the use of creativity in knowledge management. It came about because of the chapter that Stephanie wrote for the book John and JoAnn Girard created and edited called, Knowledge Management Matters: Words of Wisdom from Leading Practitioners

We seem to have spent so much time in the last 100+ years trying to drive efficiency and effectiveness into our processes. How to do things faster, with more quality, with better outcomes, reduce waste, reduce re-work. These are not bad things, but in our push to be effective and efficient many of our organisations have removed time for reflection, for questioning, for considering alternatives out of the process. These chats look at a different motivator for knowledge management: creativity and how it can be used to facilitate innovation. 

There are nine videos in the series and the topics range from how creativity, innovation, and knowledge management fit together to how to enable innovation through diversity and what organisational mindsets are helpful in when innovation is the goal.

We hope you enjoy the series as much as John and Stephanie enjoyed making it. You can see the full set of videos in this YouTube Playlist.  

Stephanie Barnes:   "I plan and successfully execute big, unwieldy projects and programs. Big, cross-functional, cross-organisational initiatives, that don’t neatly fit into a box. They have lots of stakeholders, and lots of moving parts, lots of conflicting objectives. They have technology, they have processes, they have people. I have experience. These projects are typically digital transformation and culture change projects."

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John P. Girard, Ph.D. is a professor, storyteller, and adventurer who has enjoyed the privilege of speaking to groups on six continents about technology, leadership, and culture. John holds the Peyton Anderson Endowed Chair at Middle Georgia State University’s School of Computing. Engaging with students on a daily basis ensures he remains current in the ever-changing world in which we live and do business. John has traveled to more than 116 countries investigating globalization and innovation in action.

John has published seven books: Building Organizational Memories, A Leader’s Guide to Knowledge Management, Social Knowledge, Business Goes Virtual, Tips for Two, Sage Sayings, and Social Roots. Prior to transitioning to the academy, John was the acting Director of Knowledge Management at National Defence Headquarters in Ottawa, Canada. To learn more about John, visit 

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