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Knowledge Management and SEO: 5 Things To Know

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Knowledge Management and SEO: 5 Things To Know

Apr 28, 2021   |  By
KMI Guest Blogger, Nancy Howard

Search engineers work day and night to improve algorithms with one purpose - providing the most relevant information to searchers easily. It’s not about ranking websites or penalizing spam. Those are important processes, but they are just a part of a large task system active non-stop to offer results in half a second or less.

But your position as a part of the World Wide Web is slightly different. Yes, you want to provide relevant info to target audiences. Yes, you want to offer value for their attention, money, subscription, etc.

However, to get there, you need that ranking. And catering to an engine that doesn’t have the same purpose might be hard. That’s why SEO or search engine optimization was created. And it’s not just inserting a keyword or two in your text on the main page anymore.

The more difficult algorithms become, the harder your SEO team should work to accommodate the changes.

That’s where knowledge management enters the game.

The Importance of Knowledge Management

You know that KM is a complex system of actions and processes aimed at the proper distribution of knowledge throughout a company. Did your marketing team find out an inconsistency in your campaign? How long does it take for the content-makers to get that information?

Is there a database where different departments can find info for their research? How well do your teams communicate?

Ask a business person to answer all these questions honestly, and they will find out whether their teams need more KM adjustments, including:

●      Creation - proper form of knowledge, convenient for different people to comprehend;

●      Sharing - a system or database where every key worker has access to;

●      Using - the ability to ask questions about the info and using it properly for the goal of the department and the company;

●      Management - timely update of the data with notifications.

Digital Knowledge Management and SEO: The Correlation

It’s meaningless to highlight the SEO advantages for business because it’s the most important thing in your online presence. While high-quality content and media are must-dos, without proper optimization they won’t work.

Here are some things to think about when managing SEO knowledge within a company.

What Knowledge Should Be Managed SEO-Wise?

The SEO knowledge isn’t limited to finding keywords and using them properly. Adjusting for voice search and other IoT factors, avoiding blocks of content by large media content on the main page, and many other tips must be included.

The following simple explanations will help you focus on the right track.

1. Backlink Profile

One of the most important factors in SEO is a proper backlink profile. Getting high-quality links should be one of your top priorities. You can get them yourself, but the process requires a lot of time and negotiation. A professional team of the guest posting service can get you top-notch links from UK, USA sources, as well as those from other countries.

Having a pro team backing you up at all times, doing damage control to the backlink profile of your site is a life-changer.

2. Voice Search Optimization

The different SEO tools you have to mention in the base include voice search optimization.

The way people write requests and say them out loud differs. Your company has to be one of the first options on the list in both cases. When asking about the weather, the person needs a clear, concise answer. When doing so about your industry, niche, or company, you need the same result.

3. SEO Inclusivity in All Forms of Online Presence

Proper SEO management needs to be present on:

●      Your main website;

●      All social media accounts;

●      Third-party services that write articles about you;

●      The services that have even brief mentions with backlinks;

●      Google reviews;

●      Yelp reviews;

●      Blogs;

●      Partner websites;

●      Mentions by key team members, etc.

The footprint of the company online may be larger than you think. Knowledge management tools and software will help adjust that.

4. SEO Consistency

Inconsistent data about your company on any source, starting from the official website and finishing with the smallest mention on a third-party source, damage your reputation.

When you don’t update your address, emails, staff information, people see that you lack digital knowledge management. When someone online misspells your name in a backlink and you miss it, the consequences may not be pleasant as well. Don’t allow your company to seem sloppy online. Because being neat on the Internet is as important now as having a clean brand office.

5. Timely SEO Updates in the Knowledge Base

SEO last year and SEO now are two different things. You may have a base with all the knowledge about the last updates in the field. However, updating it regularly and triggering the process of accommodation in all teams of the company is crucial.

Along with proper knowledge base marketing tactics, you’ll achieve the best results in both ways: KM and SEO. Investing time and effort in creating smart snippets for your company, FAQs for visitors to see that you’re a knowledge leader in the market, and other seemingly small adjustments will show results in a very short time.


About the Author:

Nancy P. Howard has been working as a journalist at the online magazine in London for a year. She is also a professional writer in such topics as blogging, SEO and marketing.




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