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Student Internship In Knowledge Management In 2021

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Student Internship In Knowledge Management In 2021

Jun 09, 2021   |  By
KMI Guest Blogger Emily Harrinson

Knowledge management is a process that involves the definition, retention, structuring, and sharing of employee’s knowledge and experience within an organization. The primary goal of knowledge management within the organization is to retain knowledge in the organization and also improve the organization’s efficiency. 

Many times, knowledge management refers to training and learning the employees or customers of an organization. It involves a cycle in which knowledge is created, shared, structured, and audited so that the effectiveness of the collective knowledge in the organization is maximized. 

Knowledge management can completely transform the way an organization operates and can bring about continuous improvement. This is why it’s crucial for organizations. It is also a good prospect for students looking for internship opportunities. 

Why knowledge management is important

There are many reasons why organizations find knowledge management necessary. A primary reason is that it increases the efficiency of decision-making within an organization. 

Organizations want to ensure that all their employees can access the overall expertise that is held in the organization. This is why they built an intelligent workforce that can quickly make informed decisions to benefit the company. 

It is also effortless to foster innovation within an organization with knowledge management. This will ensure that your customers benefit more from your organization as your employees offer the best practices. It also reduces employee turnover drastically. 

Knowledge management is becoming increasingly important. With competition becoming stiffer in the marketplace, companies try to stay up and ahead by building their organization flexibly and intelligently. Every organization understands the importance of spotting problems from afar and providing appropriate innovations and information. 

According to managers at a paper writing service review, some of the reasons why companies start their knowledge management process are:

●      An acquisition or merger may bring about the need to codify knowledge and encourage different teams to share their knowledge and expertise. 

●      Key employees could be retiring, and this will raise the need to gain and retain their knowledge and expertise in others.

●      A recruitment drive could show that it is important to use knowledge management to help with training the new employees. 

Students’ Internship 

Students who take up internship positions in knowledge management will provide support for the numerous knowledge management projects already in process. As stated in some professional writing services, they will also support implementing new activities with the guidance of a Senior Program Associate. These interns will also help the opportunities for internal learning so that staff can ensure they are updated with current literature and can access both external and internal resources. They will also participate actively in the different knowledge-sharing groups, such as communities of practice. 

Some responsibilities of knowledge management students interns

Knowledge management cuts across all industries, and the intern’s responsibility is different across the sectors. For students looking to go into the health industry, the knowledge management interns will be responsible for the following:

●      Scanning and analyzing different kinds of literature that are relevant to the company they are interning at. They will share the analysis and significant findings with the programmatic, technical, and clinical staff. They are also responsible for writing the programmatic implications and summaries of results from new research. 

●      They are providing the support needed for regular journal clubs. According to custom essay writing, this includes selecting relevant articles, facilitating conversations, and developing questions to be discussed. 

●      They are responsible for Coordinating knowledge management working groups, communities of practice, and meeting other groups in the organization. 

●      They also create the catalogs and archives for technical publications, evaluate & research internal knowledge products, reports, and other things according to its standard. 

●      They also fulfill other assignments or duties that are assigned to them. 

Student learning objectives

Similar to the responsibilities for student interns, their learning objectives in knowledge management would vary from one industry to the other. In some cases, it could vary between different organizations based on the setup of each organization. For students interning in the healthcare industry, here are some of the learning objectives. 

●      To get a good understanding of literature that is relevant to

●      Essential topics such as maternal health, family planning, reproductive health, etc. 

●      To get a good experience of some of the challenges that affect institutional learning and the strategies deployed to combat these challenges. 

●      To hone your writing skills to reach and be able to communicate with different groups of audiences effectively.

●      To get first-hand practical experience and knowledge at the health organization and deepen their coordination and collaboration skills within the organization and beyond. 


Knowledge management is vital within an organization to acquire, retain, and share knowledge. It also works across all industries, so students have the leeway to do their internship in knowledge management irrespective of their study. This article already discusses some of the things that you should know about knowledge management in 2021. 


Author Bio 

Emily Harrison is one of the most influential editors at best assignment writing service UK reviews in London. She has been working in this company since 2006, providing the best essay writing service. Her hobby is reading books. But besides that, Emily is fond of sports and music. She is a very positive person. 

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