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Thinking Knowledge Management? - Don’t Forget Change Management

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Thinking Knowledge Management? - Don’t Forget Change Management

Oct 31, 2023   |  By
KMI Guest Blogger Ekta Sachania

Knowledge management is now widely accepted as a key component for organizational success. By streamlining the organizational intellectual property, organizations drive innovation. However, the successful implementation of KM initiatives often requires a cultural change that is impossible to incorporate without adopting the change management principles. 

Let’s see how organizations need to leverage change management to optimize knowledge management efforts. But first, let’s see what change management is all about.

When an organization undergoes a state of transition, change management comes into play. Change management incorporates the whole 360-degree process of planning, communicating, and implementing strategies to minimize resistance and maximize the adoption of new processes, technologies, or organizational structures.

Let’s see how Change Management can smoothen the KM adoption process.

Most employees are resistant to change – Even though KM is now accepted as the keystone for Innovation and organization success, organizations still struggle with the adoption and acceptance of KM processes. When KM is introduced in an organization, employees must adopt new habits, share knowledge, and embrace technology and processes to support knowledge creation and sharing. The change management team prepares the employees for the cultural shift by proactively addressing the resistance and fostering collaboration to understand and address concerns to enable a seamless adoption of KM-led work culture. 

Bringing Stakeholders on board to shift KM – Change management plays a key role in engaging key stakeholders at all levels of KM adoption ensuring that their expectations and business goals are well aligned with the KM strategy. Engaging these stakeholders helps gather input, build support, and address concerns throughout the KM initiative, thus increasing the likelihood of successful adoption and sustained usage of KM.

Communication plays a vital role in driving awareness, and adoption of KM. To make employees agreeable to the KM style of working,  Organizations need to communicate the purpose, benefits, and progress of the knowledge management initiative. Change management methodologies provide frameworks for developing comprehensive communication plans and training programs, ensuring that employees build awareness and understanding, reducing uncertainty and resistance around the cultural shift.

This clearly emphasis the case of incorporating a change management function when organizations are driving a shift towards a KM style of working. Change management helps organizations navigate the cultural, behavioural, and technological shifts required to effectively implement KM strategy. It ensures that knowledge management initiatives are not only adopted but also integrated into the organization’s DNA, ultimately leading to improved performance, innovation, and competitiveness.


Ekta Sachania has nearly 15 years of experience in learning and talent development disciplines, including knowledge management content management, and learning & collaboration with expertise in content harvesting, practice enablement, metrics analysis, site management, collaboration activities, communications strategy and market trends analysis. Demonstrated success in managing multiple stakeholder expectations across time zones and exhibiting good project management skills, by successfully developing and deploying projects for large audiences.  Ability to adapt and work in emerging areas with fast-shifting priorities.  Connect with Ekta at LinkedIn...

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