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How to Boost Agent Productivity Using Knowledge Management

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How to Boost Agent Productivity Using Knowledge Management

Apr 14, 2021   |  By
KMI Guest Blogger Prabhjot Singh

One of the major aspects of customer service is agent productivity that as a result helps the company in improving its customer experience (CX). Agents (users, employees) should be given access to all the necessary information and documents that are stored in an organized manner. In the training duration, it might happen that agents do not know what the next exact step should be taken while solving a customer’s query. 

This can be prevented with the help of knowledge management tools like decision trees, picture guides, augmented reality, learning management systems (LMS), and more. Hence, it is important to boost agent productivity and thus, increase customer satisfaction (CSAT) and this can be done with the assistance of knowledge management software. 

What is knowledge management? 

Knowledge management is a platform that helps in managing the company’s information and helps in creating and sharing information. It helps the company with various aspects like improving customer experience, increasing customer satisfaction, boosting agent productivity, and more. 

If all the information is not easily accessible to the employees then it might bring great loss to the organization along with a lot of valuable time spent in finding the required information. A knowledge management system (KMS) collects all the information of that organization and stores them in an organized way which makes it easier for the employees to find what they are looking for instantly. 

Why is it necessary for business?

Training the customer agents can be a tough and time-consuming activity. But with the advancement in technology and the significant increase in customer expectations, it is very much important that the agents are well-trained with the right skills. This is where the knowledge management system (KMS) comes to the rescue. The KMS helps the agents in learning the right skills, keeping a track of their training progress, and also helps in self-learning. 

Agents can be trained with KMS tools like knowledge base, augmented reality, and learning management system (LMS), etc., with much more ease. There can come up situations where the customer agent is under the training process and is unaware of the next step to be taken while resolving customer queries. In these situations, the knowledge management system becomes useful by guiding the agents with tools like decision trees, picture guides, etc., that provide a step-by-step guide. 

How to boost agent productivity? 

As discussed earlier, how the knowledge management system (KMS) helps the agents with tools like augmented reality, learning management systems, decision trees, FAQs, knowledge base, and more, also helps to boost agent productivity. 

There are other points as well such as ensuring that the agents are well-trained and that agents have access to well-organized information, their workload is reduced with the assistance of automated support and feedback from the agents are collected. Now let us look into these points more briefly. 

Make them well-trained 

With the help of decision trees, customer agents would know the exact next step to be taken while solving customer queries during their training process or even after that. Also, call centre heads have to make sure of the fact that the agents are well-trained with the knowledge of the company's services to their customers. Trainers, with the help of picture guides, make the agents familiar with the company’s services. 

Agents can have the access to all the information stored in an organised manner with the help of a knowledge base. This helps the agents to quickly resolve customer queries. It is also essential to track the agents' training progress which can be done with the help of a learning management system (LMS). 

Organize all the cluttered information 

All the information in an unorganized way might bring great loss to the company. Information, when needed by the agents and cannot be found quickly, increases the average handling time (AHT) and also decreases customer satisfaction (CSAT) as the customers will have to wait for more for getting their issues resolved. 

Hence, it is crucial that all the information and documents of the company must be collected and stored in an organized manner through which agents can easily find any particular information when needed while solving customer queries. Thus, boosting agent productivity and increasing customer satisfaction. 

Automate support 

Leaving all the customer queries to be resolved, at the hands of the customer agents might not only take a lot of their time but also decrease their work efficiency. This issue can also be prevented with the deployment of self-service systems with the assistance of a knowledge management system. 

Customers can solve their problems with self-service easily and thus, the agents do not have to spend their time on some common or the same repeated questions. They can focus on more complex queries. Implementation of a self-service system would be a win-win for the company as this helps in increasing their work efficiency and boosts their productivity and also helps in increasing customer satisfaction. 

Gather feedback

Feedback must be collected not only from the customers about how well the company’s services are but also from the customer agents about their work. They might have some creative suggestions in their mind that can help the company to improve their services. This will increase agents' work efficiency and also help in increasing customer satisfaction. 


This can be said that for the betterment of the company it is important to boost agent productivity. The knowledge management system (KMS) along with the learning management system (LMS) has many key benefits for the company which improves training, enhances operations and overall ROI.  


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